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Bankruptcy Basics

  The US Bankruptcy Court allows petition preparers like us to prepare
    bankruptcy filings so long as we know what we are doing, and we do.
    We started preparing bankruptcy filings in 1995!

    If you have many debts that you cannot pay, you may want to file
     Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy allows you to discharge or
     eliminate some  or all of your "unsecured debts." An   unsecured
     debt is a debt that does not have specific property (like your house
     or car) serving as collateral for payment of the debt. This includes
     credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, reposessions, judg-
     ments, and past due rent. All of these can be eliminated com-
     pletely, meaning discharged, in bankruptcy. Generally speak-
     ing, taxes and other debts owed to the government are not
     dischargeable in bankruptcy. Domestic support obligations,
     such as alimony and child support, are also generally not
     dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    After you file bankruptcy, you must attend the Creditor's Meeting
     in about 30 days. That is an appearance before the bankruptcy
     trustee, where the trustee will ask you questions about your
     bankruptcy filing along with other questions about your finances.
     Your appearance at the Creditor's Meeting will probably not
     take more than a few minutes and it is very rare for creditors
     to appear at these meetings. This is not actually an appearance
     in court, and it is unlikely that you will ever have to appear be-
     fore a judge in court. We will give you a list of the questions
    you can expect at the meeting, but don't worry, this is not at all
    difficult or threatening.

   We will provide you with a questionnaire to collect the information we will use to complete your filing. Be sure to complete the questionnaire accurately,
    as the information on it will be used to prepare your filing. The court will require that complete and accurate information be provided on the filing.

   A wonderful benefit you will gain when you file bankruptcy is the imposition of the Automatic Stay. This immediately prohibits your creditors from
    taking any further action to enforce or collect debts from you. The Stay goes into effect the moment your case is file, and it remains in effect at least
    until you receive your bankruptcy discharge. Your creditors will receive written notice of your filing from the bankruptcy court, but the stay is in effect
    even before they receive that notice. If you are being threatened with a lawsuit or wage garnishment, that must immediately stop. Your creditors must
    also stop calling you to collect debts.

   You will receive your discharge within about 60 days of the date of your Creditor's Meeting. A bankruptcy case will take approximately three months
    to complete, but your involvement will probably end with the filing of your case and your appearance at the Creditor's Meeting. There will probably be
    nothing else for you to do but receive your discharge. We will provide you with a questionnaire to collect the information we will use to complete your
    filing. Be sure to complete the questionnaire accurately, as the information on it will be used to prepare your filing. The court will require that complete
    and accurate information be provided on the filing.

   If you are facing unmanageable debts and are being threatened with lawsuits and wage garnishments, a bankruptcy filing will give you immediate relief.
    You may be behind on secured debts, too, like a car loan or a mortgage, and even though a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will in the end have no effect on your
    secured debts, it will at least buy you some time. All creditors are barred from continuing collections by the Automatic Stay. Secured creditors can escape
    the stay, but at least for the time being, they will be off your back. Believe it or not, a Chapter 7 filing will actually improve your credit over time. You will
    immediately begin receiving offers for new car financing. Watch out! That may be where your trouble started way back when. Of course, if you are forced
    to spend weeks in the hospital, your medical bills may top $100,000 and bankruptcy can give you needed relief from that debt. Whatever the reason, if you
    need relief from debt, bankruptcy may be just right for you.

   Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a more complex form of personal bankruptcy primarily used by people who are having trouble paying secured debts, but who
    want to keep the property securing the debt and possibly reschedule or renegotiate the debt. Chapter 13 is commonly used by people facing
    foreclosure of a home, or owing a car loan where the debt amount far exceeds the value of the car. Chapter 13 requires the preparation of a
    payment plan, according to which the debtor will repay part or all debts over a period of up to five years, and that plan must be approved by
    the trustee.  Chapter 13 will probably require one or more appearances in Court. Given the complexity of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we do not
    prepare Chapter 13 documents.

Our Work is Guaranteed!/strong>

  We back the quality of our work with the our money-back guarantee. We guarantee that your bankruptcy will be accepted by the court
  and we guarantee that you will receive a discharge!
We are not lawyers, but very few Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers anywhere will guarantee
  you a discharge like we do. Provide us full and accurate information on our questionnaire and we guarantee you a discharge, or your money back.
  We can offer that guarantee because we are sure your filing will be complete and correct and that you will get a Bankruptcy discharge, so long

   as we receive accurate information from you. Getting your debts discharged is what you want, right?

We guarantee the results that you will get. In other words, we guarantee that you will get a discharge of your debts or a complete refund.

  The outcome of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing depends entirely on the quality of the documents. You do not need to hire an expensive attorney,
  because it does not matter who prepares the documents.
 Chapter 7 bankruptcy is largely an administrative process, not a legal one. That is the key.

   If money is tight for you, then save yourself the cost of an attorney and let us prepare the best quality Chapter 7 bankruptcy for you. Our work is

   superior to that performed by many attorneys. This is our specialty!

Complete Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing $99.
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Your privacy and security are important to us. We never share your information
with anyone. We use the information you give strictly for preparing your documents.  
We do not store your payment information anywhere. It is passed to your credit card bank
by the authorized credit card gateway, and no trace of your payment information is retained by us in any way